Now more Eco than ever.

Oppy’s avocado category is now powered by the expertise and excellence of Eco Farms—we’re a bright new team dedicated to bringing the best to market. Originally connected through our partnership with global powerhouse Total Produce, Oppy recently gained a 65% ownership stake in the well-respected grower and year-round packer and importer, with Santiago-based El Parque, also a Total Produce company, and Eco Farms sharing the balance. A pioneer in organic avocados and among the first to import the fruit from Chile, and later Mexico, Eco Farms’ entrepreneurial spirit is among the many values it shares with Oppy.  


Smooth & improved

We all love good avocados. While you are looking for an abundant, year-round supply of expertly grown, perfectly ripened, delicious fruit—your shoppers are seeking the perfect one or two in just the right condition, today. We are now able to deliver exactly that—which is good news for everyone.

By aligning Eco Farms’ unparalleled production and procurement prowess with Oppy’s supply chain and sales and marketing strengths, together we offer a fresh approach to avocados that is second to none.

Green is good

While avocados may be the toast of the current generation, the hard work and evolving expertise behind the Eco Farms brand is decades old and continues to stand the test of time. We are rejuvenated by what we do each day and invigorated by the opportunity to do even more good in the world tomorrow. From organics, to Fair Trade Certified avocados and more, we bring a fresh approach to goodness throughout the avocado supply chain.

...and we are good at growing.

Eco Farms’ experience nurturing, harvesting and sourcing premium quality avocados has been growing for more than 40 years. What began with a single grove now encompasses avocado production across the ideal microclimates of Mexico, California, Chile, Peru and Colombia.


The time is ripe

Everyone is looking for the perfect avocado, so that’s why we’re ripening in strategic locations across the U.S. and Canada. While our promise may be that Green is Good, our avocados are available at all stages of ripening per your request. Look to us for shelf life extension solutions, too!


We are wholeheartedly committed to marketing avocados with excellent flavor and texture that provide sustainable nourishment and create a positive impact on the world that’s built to last. We’re good at growing and, because our trees thrive in the world’s best-suited avocado producing regions, we are good at ensuring a consistent, year-round supply for our customers and a good eating experience for our consumers.


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